The Board Dames and eSports Today Podcast Roundup

Over the last few weeks, I've been listening to the first episodes of the Board Dames podcast starring Teri Litorco and Bebo (Brittanie Boe). They have an unlimited number of interesting and provocative things to say about the gaming universe, and I can't wait to hear more.

Things I learned so far:

  • Chessex rounded-corner d6s, though gorgeous, are not very well balanced. Defenestrating poor-rolling sets is a completely acceptable way to deal with them.
  • Warhammer 40,000 and Wizards of the Coast set a stage without which Warcraft and StarCraft (aka, Blizzard) never would have taken hold.
  • Shari from Ad Magic is awesome. I'd been getting that idea for a while - through glowing praise from Funemployed's Anthony Conta, and the Ad Magic sponsorship of Boston Festival of Indie Games. Turns out she's also a big proponent of STEM and supporting women in business and science!
  • Every board game is an interactive, artistic masterpiece. When we play, we get to "watch art happen on the table." And we get to take part in the creation of that art.
  • We shouldn't necessarily hate on the old roll-and-move games from our childhoods, because they evolved into the games we know and love today. For example, Mouse Trap "grew up" to be Mice and Mystics.

Another podcast that's been hugely informative and entertaining to me recently is eSports Today by professional journalists Andrew Groen and Rob Zacny.

I take eSports seriously, and it can be frustrating to hear people like ESPN's Colin Cowherd mocking the industry with such vitriol. (Especially as his company actively tries to court those audiences. Derp.) So it's refreshing to listen to experts legitimize eSports by speaking the industry language with eloquence and fluency. 

I reached out to Rob to learn more about the inspiration behind the show. Here's what he had to say:

"As far as inspiration goes...It's something that Andrew Groen and I discussed a few years back, but we were both too swamped with other work to commit to it. He resurrected the idea this year, and after months of back-and-forth, we forged ahead with it. It helps that he and I really enjoy working together, so the chance of being able to work with a really good collaborator was probably a primary motivation. We also joke that the real reason we run Esports Today is so that we have an excuse to talk about StarCraft together every week.

Our goals are constantly evolving. We've just completed our first goal, for instance: "make eSports podcast that doesn't suck." But I think overall we wanted to make the kind of eSports show that we've always wanted. Something that's fast-paced, that doesn't overwhelm you with detail or scene drama, and that keeps you abreast of the overall eSports landscape, not just specific games."

Needless to say, if you haven't already consumed these delicious gems, you should do so right away!

Have a favorite game-related podcast you enjoy? Share below!