Heartcatcher At Playcrafting Expo: October 2015

I attended another fantastic Playcrafting event last Thursday at Microsoft. Reception for Heartcatcher continues to be warm and supportive, for which I am hugely thankful.

Here's a little history on the group for the uninitiated. Playcrafting (known as the Games Forum back in the day) is the largest community of independent game developers in New York City. As an NYC newbie in 2012, the opportunity to connect with other game enthusiasts and creative-minded people intrigued me, so I started attending the Demo Nights. From the beginning, I was thrilled to see the kinds of things local designers were working on - everything from ancient Greek warfare inspired board games to a new, digital take on an old solitaire theme to heart-pounding airship gun battles waged high in the sky.

I soon graduated to hosting events (putting together a couple awesome panels on Crowdfunding for Games), and eventually worked my way up to Community Manager. I met a ton of great people along the way (including my terrific boyfriend!), sharing in their triumphs, learning from their struggles, and doing my best to act as a guiding light through the trials and tribulations of indie game development.

I eventually moved on to focus on my own projects, and now I've come full circle, showing up at events as an attendee and exhibitor. I still have great connections and friends in the group, and I can't say enough about the amazing work Dan Butchko is doing with the community.

Anyway, back to last week's Expo. As usual, I hopped onto a table near the entrance so I could greet everyone as they came in the door. One of the best parts of game design is teaching new players, and I had no shortage of victims (er, willing gamers!) to ensnare. I love how players' faces light up in those "ah ha!" moments when they first connect with the mechanics of the game. I live for uninhibited bursts of devious cackling (Heartcatcher is all about exploring your devious side), and there was plenty of that to go around. Best of all, everyone reaffirmed my belief that Heartcatcher is worth pursuing, and that it will contribute to the larger gaming conversation in a positive way.

A few people stopped by interested in writing about Heartcatcher. I'll keep you posted on their news and thoughts!

The great folks from Nardio.net were kind enough to catch a bit of the demo for me. See for yourself!

Thanks to everyone who made the demo wonderful :) Can't wait to see you all again in a couple of months!