Hearthstone Tavern Brawl: Double Deathrattle Druid

Had some fun with Hearthstone's Tavern Brawl today. (For those unfamiliar with the game, Tavern Brawl provides a fun, low-investment way for players to try new things and earn card packs each week).

The current Double Deathrattle format works well using a sticky creature  Druid or Shaman deck (Piloted Shredders, Haunted Creepers, Harvest Golems, etc.) I went with Druid so I could put the Ramp skills that brought me up to rank 10 last month, using Savage Roar (+2 attack to all characters for one turn) and Power of the Wild (+1/+1 to all minions) as strong finishers. Keeper of the Grove did great work breaking my opponent's tempo. Threw in Sylvanas and Stalagg and Feugen for additional entertainment value. I was not disappointed!


Soul of the Forest (your minions summon 2/2 Treants when they die) worked great during my first game - I quickly filled up the board, with minions to spare. The poor guys did, however, wipe to a clever Baron Geddon during a subsequent match.

I also suffered through a rather brutal Mill Rogue/Mind Control Tech deck with Shadowstep. You haven't lived until you've suffered through three MCTs in one turn, stealing half your board! Pretty entertaining to get milled because you have too many Spectral Spiders in your hand :)

Hunter turned out to be pretty effective as well, especially with Freezing Trap and Snake Trap. Again, it's really important to keep your tempo growing, and getting a deathrattle minion back in your opponent's hand is hard to recover from.

My deck list is to the left, if you're looking to do something similar. Might do with another activator for the Nerubian Egg (like Defender of Argus), but so far it's worked pretty well. Also, lots of people are running Stalagg/Feugen, so you're pretty weak if they get off their Thaddiuses first.

Did you have any fun Double Deathrattle experiences this week? Share below!