Heartcatcher at Boston FIG: Great Success


Showing Heartcatcher at the Boston Festival of Indie Games last weekend was a blast! 

First off, I love NYC, but traveling to Boston was a breath of fresh air. The temperature was perfect, the bars had just the right number of patrons (i.e., you could easily find a seat on a Friday evening and talk without yelling), and the food was delicious.

Phil and I set up the booth early on Saturday morning. (So. Early. Coffee helped, but breakfast probably would have been a good idea...) The floor was pretty slow to start, had a chance to chat with some great media people (including Erik Nye, who gave a shoutout to Heartcatcher on the Noobist, and Bryant Francis, with a great writeup on Geek and Sundry!). And then the rush started... and didn't stop for six hours.

I couldn't count the number of times I demoed the game - must have been close to fifty. There are few things I love more than showing off my work and seeing the reactions when people connect to it. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with comments ranging from "this is so fun and fast" to "I'd totally play this with my casual gaming friends." We had a lot of couples play, and they really got into the spirit of the game.

Players often expressed surprise after playing for the first time. Heartcatcher has been described multiple times as "different" from other games out there. I know that people can be wary about things that are new and different, so seeing that "ah ha!" moment when they discover the fun factor is inspiring.

I had decided to print off some art projects for attendees to enjoy, hoping to inspire engagement. They were popular with the kids, but in general people wanted to play the game and move on to the next booth. I'm glad I tried it out, but since the game demos great and is so fast to teach, I'm happy to simplify and focus on that in the future.

I do, however, want to work more on... giveaways! Heart-themed candy, to start off with. Buttons are certainly in our future, they're popular and will look perfect with the heart art. Stickers will be easy & fun to put together too. So look forward to some sweet swag coming to a con or festival near you.

Huge thanks to the Boston FIG staff for making our time showing Heartcatcher so fun and productive!