Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime: Miniview

I often find myself enjoying games more than I expect. That's what happened with Rocket League and Pokemon and Portal 2 and Heroes of the Storm, to name a few. As for WoW... let's not speak of that 500+ hour monstrosity.

I have a strong preference for games you can play with (or against) other, most likely human people. However, that preference tends more towards team-based competitive titles than straight co-op vs. AI. I like games in which I can go off-script in devious ways, and would rather be swapping positions with my partner at inopportune moments or setting him on fire (in a friendly way) than executing a predicable, harmonious procedure.

I assumed that Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime would turn out to be either boringly repetitious or excessively frustrating for the less-skilled player (me), but was happy to give it a go in the hopes that it would allow me to giggle nefariously as I pushed him into a pit of spikes (and then saved him from doom at the last second).

Verdict: Loved it!


The difficulty ramped up quickly, and our ship was destroyed a few times, but we quickly learned the controls well enough to squeak through to victory. Play was fast and engaging to the point that our losses weren't overly punishing. The procedurally generated levels and organic AI felt completely different than your usual rote "kill X dudes, jump over Y pits, navigate the tunnel without running into one of Z spike clusters."

There was a fair amount of technical skill involved, so I would recommend it to players who know their way around their chosen control schemes. However, as a relative newcomer to the Xbox, I had no trouble playing with a seasoned veteran.

Some players may be deterred by the "cutesiness" or "couple-ness" of the game. The theme is certainly different than a lot of stuff that's out there. But as with Heartcatcher (or so I'd like to think), it's not at all what you expect when you get inside the game. It's what you make of it: romantic if you choose to perceive it that way (and can work calmly as a team in a stressful situation) but otherwise perfectly platonically playable.

I recommend you check it out. Or at least watch the video - if only for the adorable sound effects and animations :)