The Flame in the Flood: First Time Stream


I enjoyed some much-anticipated The Flame in the Flood streaming on Friday, shortly after their official Steam Early Access release. I was especially excited to give it a go after my research for the recent post-apocalyptic prepper article on Cracked reignited my longing for barren landscapes and the stark appreciation of the beauty of life that comes from knowing you're doomed.

The Flame in the Flood boasts that desolate, desperate beauty in spades. I feel an overwhelming sense of nostalgia when I play the game, which seems strange, because how could I possibly be nostalgic for a washed-out, lonely wasteland where death is only days - or minutes - away? The art, music, soundscape, and gameplay all combine to perfectly place me in the ephemeral mood-space of the character. The world becomes real to me. I thrill at every new discovery, and the pain of every defeat cuts deep.

The best way to get a feel for the game is to watch it in action! Check out my first-time gameplay to get a taste of what's in store.

Want to learn more about The Flame in the Flood? Read their Rock Paper Shotgun write-up. Their Steam page also has some great reviews.