Hearthstone Stream: Totem Shaman

During my Hearthstone stream yesterday, it came to my attention that many people have never set foot within the Tavern's hallowed halls. I've spent countless hours playing the game, so ended up blinded to the fact that many viewers would find it as new of an experience as Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime or The Flame in the Flood.

I've found it easy to organically express my first-time opinions when streaming new games, so sharing my thoughts on a game that I've played (and watched) so much posed a unique challenge. I'm sitting here talking through my thought process of whether Rockbiter Weapon or Totem Golem more effectively challenges the Darnassas Aspirant I expect my Druid opponent to play while some viewers are wondering what it means that one of the cards in my hand is all glow-y.

Personally, the think-out-loud approach works for me. It lets fans of the game can listen to my thought process (and perhaps vocally disagree), and gives newbies the opportunity to gain insight on a less superficial level.

I'd like to hear what you think. Do you prefer watching thoughtful streams digging deep into the strategy of your favorite games? Or do you turn to Twitch to see playthroughs of games that you might not otherwise get to experience.

Getting back to the Totem Shaman thing... Sadly, it might be time for me to say goodbye. I knew coming into it that Totem Shaman (as with other Shaman decks) is firmly Tier 4 (i.e., chump tier). I'm glad that I played enough games to get a feel for why it wasn't working - too slow to compete with aggro/face decks, not enough juice to stand up to control. But if I do want to make legend next month, Tempo Mage, Ramp Druid, or Mid-Range Paladin will give me a much better chance.

Missed the stream? Catch it on Youtube!

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