Confabula Rasa

Confabula Rasa - Coming Soon

Confabula Rasa is a cooperative word construction and storytelling game for two to eight players featuring a deck of non-linear word fragment cards. You play as a group of kids in a cabin in the woods possessed by ghosts, trying to figure out how the ghosts died by piecing together their fragmented memories so they can pass on to the other side.


Play is started by shuffling the 26 double-sided word fragment cards (Fewer cards can be used for a faster game). Each player is dealt one card (they can flip the card to the other side at any time). One card is placed in the middle of the table. Any player may start play. The first player places the card from their hand onto the tableau so that it forms a word using one or more letters from the card already in the tableau. The player may put the card on top of the card already on the table, or slide the card underneath, as long as the card on the table is not shuffled around. When the first player has formed a word, they draw a word fragment card from the pile and point to another player. The player pointed to must start to tell the story of the death of the ghosts from the ghosts’ point of view, incorporating the word that was just made. For example, if the first player formed the word “angst,” the player they pointed to could say: “The last thing I remember is a feeling of angst as I slumped through the halls.”

Any player may go next by adding their card to the growing tableau to make a new word and pointing to a player to continue the story (as long as a player does not make a word twice in a row). Play continues until all the cards in the deck and players' hands are gone. The last person to make a word points to the player who will bring the story to a satisfactory close in which "Everyone dies!"

The inspiration behind the game is "anyone can be a storyteller!"

Check out the word fragmentizer I wrote in Java to split my creepy words into one, two, and three letter chunks.

Confabula Rasa Rules - November 2017