By Emma Larkins

Mechalarum is my debut science fiction novel.


Under a dust storm spawned by nature and sustained by technology, a hidden Citadel protects humanity's final hope. Sciencers toil to execute Serl Aris Jolorn's last-ditch plan to defeat the offworld Losh, who have rained death from the skies for twenty years.

The plan is simple - build and perfect Mechalarum flying suits for fearless pilots to infiltrate and destroy the Losh airships from within.

The most skilled of these pilots, Kiellen Corr, has never wavered in her dedication to the cause. But her impatience and stubborn nature put her at odds with Serl Jolorn, who will tolerate zero insubordination as he quests to eradicate the alien menace.

After a fateful discovery, betrayal blindsides Kiellen. With her faithful sciencer friend Gage Turman by her side, she must fight to understand the true nature of Jolorn's Citadel, the Mechalarum suits, the Losh, and herself.

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