DreamHack 2018

Finding the Fun - The First Step in Game Design

An idea is hatched for a game, a mechanic, or a new type of sound. Frenetic action ensues. A prototype is released into the world. It's weird, it's different, it's ugly, it's broken, and yet there's clearly something there worth bringing to life. In this panel, we talk about the experience of releasing those first threads of controlled chaos onto the world, before the balance, before the tuning, before the grind of working a game to perfection. 

Make It, Test It, Break It, Fix It - Prototyping and Feedback in Game Design

As designers, we build, we destroy, we learn - and then we start the cycle over again. We have many tools and systems that let us share our work with the world and collect reactions from our communities throughout this cycle. The key to good design is to filter this feedback and turn it into a powerful tool as we balance our vision with the needs of the players, progressing our designs based on a blend of data and personal intuition.