Abandon All Artichokes

A fast-paced, easy-to-learn card game that reduces deck building to its simplest components. Humorously themed and surprisingly strategic, with a take-that element that encourages players to consider card placement within their hands.

Start with five cards. If you have a pineapple in hand, target a card in another player's hand (as long as that player has three or more cards).  The targeted card is discarded. If you hit an artichoke, the cards to the left and right are discarded, too. Boom!


You may discard one artichoke per turn to add a card from the market to your discard pile. Market cards include bananas (discard to draw two cards), strawberries (discard to trash a card from your hand), broccoli (discard if targeted by a pineapple strike and draw two cards), and pineapples. Draw up to five cards at the end of your turn. If you have no artichokes in hand, you win!


Sofas For Sale

Come on down to Ernie's Discount Furniture Emporium for a once-in-a-lifetime sale! Players compete to purchase sofas that meet their hidden criteria before the deals are snapped up by their opponents. Light resource management and worker placement.

Pick and Plunder

Who can grab the most loot from this semi-abandoned (but still heavily guarded) robotics dumping ground before their activities draw attention? Players reveal tiles to create a new map every time, keeping the game fresh. Push-your-luck with a unique "burdened" mechanic that forces players to choose between taking precious time to examine their finds or grabbing it all and hoping for the best.

Additional Prototypes

Rocks in the Garden, Subconscious Suitcase, Tackers, What To Eat After the Apocalypse.