Heartcatchers Info


Game Designer: Emma Larkins 
Game Artist: Brian Patterson of d20Monkey
Publisher: Tim Rodriguez of Brooklyn Indie Games


First Prototype Date: February 14, 2014
Demoed at Boston FIG: September 12, 2015
Nominated for Playcrafting Awards: December 15, 2015
Kickstarter Launch: January 28, 2016


Heartcatchers is an adorable two-player game of deception and secrets.

Longer Description

Heartcatchers is a two-player card game where players take turns "catching" stacks of cards based on the playing field and the hearts they hold in hand, to move them back and forth across the playing field. Players can also play Secrets that affect scoring. Once all the cards have been played, the Secrets are revealed and scores tallied!

This portable, fast-paced game is lightweight and easy to learn (only 20 cards and playable in under 10 minutes) and is a great way to break the ice with new friends.

In Heartcatchers, the hidden information of face-down Secrets adds a delightful level of complexity to the deceptively simple rock-paper-scissors mechanic. Players soon learn that deducing the psychology of their opponents is a must for coming out ahead!


Emma Larkins

Game Designer

Emma is a tabletop game designer, community manager for DreamSail Games, and science fiction author who lives in New York City. Her lifelong interest in game design reignited during a recent tenure as community manager for Playcrafting (NYC’s largest organization of independent game developers). When she's not toying with mechanics or inventing new post-apocalyptic worlds, you'll find her playing digital and tabletop games such as World of Warcraft, Lovers in A Dangerous Spacetime, Takenoko, and Dixit.

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Brian Patterson

Game Artist

Brian currently lives in Nashville, Tennessee with two cats (Emma and Gizmo) where he works as a graphic designer, but is working to make d20Monkey his full-time job. He plays games, runs a bi-weekly Pathfinder campaign, draws comics, listens to music, and runs his mouth about all sorts of things on Twitter (comics, gaming, DIO). Seriously, he’s ridiculous.


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Tim Rodriguez


Tim is a tabletop game designer, small-press publisher, and part-time supervillain.  He previously published Backstory Cards, created the OmegaZone setting for Fate Accelerated, and the Ghost Pirates board game; all successful Kickstarter projects! Find out more at BrooklynIndieGames.com.