Make It, Test It, Break It, Fix It - Prototyping and Feedback in Game Design

As designers, we build, we destroy, we learn - and then we start the cycle over again. We have many tools and systems that let us share our work with the world and collect reactions from our communities throughout this cycle. The key to good design is to filter this feedback and turn it into a powerful tool as we balance our vision with the needs of the players, progressing our designs based on a blend of data and personal intuition.

Time: 1 pm - 2 pm
Date: Saturday, June 2, 2018
Place: DreamHack Austin
Location: Meeting Room 1



Nathaniel Chambers

CEO / Bubble Pipe Media

Nathaniel Chambers has been involved in games for several years, working in music, sound, and mixing. Select credits include: Shardlight and Primordia by Wadjet Eye Games, Extreme Exorcism and Hermit Crab In Space by Golden Ruby Games, Rad Raygun by Trufun Entertainment, and Particle Mace by Andy Makes.

Nathaniel is influenced by many artists, musical and otherwise, from Carl Stalling to Trent Reznor, and finds artistry in puzzles, life, games, comics, books, and board games.




Bonnie Bogovich

Sound Designer and Vocalist / BlackCatBonifide

Bonnie has worked on a variety of soundscapes and musical experiences for educational products, simulations and computer/video games, interactive experiences, and theme park attractions.  She has worked on a variety of game titles including; I Expect You To Die, Amplify Education's "Aqua"/"Amplify Reading", Aven Colony, Frostbound, SuperChem, Domino World, Happy Atoms,  Annihilator, World of Lexica, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood web series and app "Stop and Go Potty", Baker Street Experience and Pugmire interactive audio adventures. Bonnie is a very active vocalist, both in the theater/opera realm and as a voice actor on various projects. She is the Artistic Director of Evenings in Quarantine: The Zombie Opera, Production head of Super Smash Opera, sound designer, composer and voice actor of Cryptic Canticles' “Dracula Radioplay” and an active music arranger and vocal recording artist for video game tribute record label The Materia Collective. She has served on committees for organizations including GANG, GVAC, IASIG, and VAMR, the IGDA Virtual, Augmented, and Mixed Reality SIG, has judged for a video game competitions, and is an active, panelist, presenter, and mentor through AMP. 



Jeff Fillion

Lead Designer / Pretty Hype Games

Jeff Fillion is the lead designer at Pretty Hype Games, an up and coming tabletop game company. He spent roughly 14 years in the retail industry, slinging video games to the masses, but has since moved on to the development side. Jeff is currently doing design and art for Pretty Hype’s upcoming tabletop game, Die in Space, in Austin, TX.





Michael Molinari

Developer / Studio Bean

Michael Molinari is a game developer from Austin, TX. After working at Bandai Namco as an artist, he went on to receive awards for his experimental releases Soundodger and Choice Chamber. He has also taken part in dozens of shorter game jams, creating memorable experiences through detailed visuals and dreamlike worlds.





Emma Larkins

Tabletop Game Designer / Emma Larkins

Emma Larkins is a tabletop game designer. Her first game Heartcatchers (a light two-player game of secrets and deception) was published in 2016 by Brooklyn Indie Games/Galileo Games after a successful Kickstarter. She has an active social media and community presence, mainly focused around local tabletop playtesting groups and #gamedesigndaily - a movement that inspires game designers to develop the habit of working on games and design-related activities on a regular basis. Her latest designs include Confabula Rasa (a cooperative storytelling game using word fragment cards), Abandon All Artichokes (a fast-paced game that reduces deckbuilding to its simplest components), and a host of other prototypes.