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SHUX: October 4-6 - Vancouver, Canada


…and then we died now available for purchase!

To Better Know that Death
(…and then we died writeup on Unwinnable)
January 2019

"To Better Know that Death" ...and then we died writeup by @dangerhazzard on @unwinnable. "Tarot is the ideal vehicle for …and then we died because the game is a late-night, neon-lit clandestine and playful confrontation of our own fears of death."


We’re Not Wizards podcast
September 2018

“Emma Larkins is on the show to chat about Videogames, creating boardgames through romance, advising people on designing games and writing books and being part of a creative community and they are really really interesting to talk to.”

The Cardboard Herald podcast
August 2018

“Emma has become the shining pink beacon of all things aspirational game design, but she's got her fingers in many board game pies. We talk about Confabula Rasa, Abandon All Artichokes, #GameDesignDaily, and more.”

Indie Board Game Designers podcast
July 2018

“Patrick Rauland: Awesome. So after Catan, was there a game that pulled you in?”

“Emma Larkins: Oh my gosh. That’s a really good question. I would say yes… Okay, so I went straight from Catan to like, years and years later, my boyfriend introduced me to Lords of Waterdeep. And so it’s, again, you’re talking about orders of magnitude of differences in like level of design, and interesting-ness of mechanics, and that was really my first worker placement game that I played.”

IGD S1E8 - Live Panel with Carla Kopp, Emma Larkins, and Emelie Van Rodin
April 2018

"This episode is our live panel interview with Carla Kopp of Weird Giraffe Games,  Emma Larkins, designer of Heart Catchers and Confabula Rasa, and Emelie Van Rodin designer and publisher of State of Wonder."

Seattle Indies Spotlight: Emma Larkins
February 2018

"For my process, it’s very much centered around playtesting and actually getting it onto the table. The really interesting thing about physical games compared to digital games is that iterations are so fast. When I was in the digital/development space, so much time of it was the production, even getting to stuff you could put in front of people — it could take weeks or months or even years to get to that point.

Flying Solo: What It's Like to Make a Game by Yourself Panel
PAX West 2017

- James Silva (Salt and Sanctuary)
- Jake Vander Ende (Spriteborne)
- Tom Happ (Axiom Verge)
- Karlee Esmailli (Cards Against Humanity)


Meet the Game Designer on Across the Board Games

December 2017

Shoutout to Nicole for the great feature! And if you liked the interviews, don't forget to check out Joseph's great game design blog.

PGI Podcast November 2017. More info and links here.

Another episode of Literate Gamer! This time on Board Game Design.